LockerPress WordPress Security Plugin Features

    Custom Login URL

    One of the most dreadful mistakes when setting up a WordPress site is having the same login structure that everyone else has.

    By default, WordPress sets you up with /wp-admin and /wp-login.php so you can login and start modifying your website.

    Unfortunately, 88% of WordPress users do not change or modify these URL's - giving Hackers & Bots direct access to your login page.

    Now you can easily create your own custom URL. When you do, you disable the default /wp-admin and /wp-login.php logins URL's

    The best part... your custom URL is not indexed! This creates extreme aggravation and frustration to Hackers & Bots since they can't simply scan and find your Custom Login URL.

    Wordpress Security - Custom Admin Login URL

    Change Admin User

    When you first install WordPress, you are given the option of creating your main admin username.

    A large portion of WordPress users, and people in general, tend to use the word admin since that's the most common username.

    This is a huge security risk since hackers know common usernames - now they only have to guess your password.

    Up until now, it's been almost impossible for someone to easily change their admin username. You'd either have to contact a developer or know how to modify your database in order to do so.

    With our Change Admin User feature, you can simply choose the admin username from the list and type the new one - Simple, yet Powerful!

    WordPress Security - Change Admin Username

    Set Hack/Ban Settings

    We have quite a few packed-options when customizing your Hack & Ban Settings.

    You have control to set how many minutes to ban someone that attempts to Hack your WordPress site using our easy-to-use-slider.

    Next, you can determine how many number of failed attempts before that person is banned.

    And finally, how about letting that Hacker know how you feel... You can create a Custom Message that's displayed as soon as they are banned.

    We provide a few short-codes as well to give you flexibility in your message.

    Oh yeah.. we also have a nice hidden treasure located on the HTTP Authentication page that allows you to create an UnBan URL with Password in case you get banned accidentally.

    WordPress Security - Set Hack & Ban Settings

    Email Notification of Failed Login Attempts

    Be notified immediately when someone has a failed attempt logging into your WordPress site.

    You have the option to send an admin email so you can take immediate action rather than waiting hours to find your WordPress Site Destroyed!

    WordPress Security - Enable Email Notification of Failed Attempts

    HTTP Authentication

    Having an extra layer of password protection never hurts. Now you can easily add HTTP Authentication to your WordPress Admin Section.

    This enables you to create a custom username and password outside of WordPress - as a top layer before logging into WordPress Admin.

    No need to modify your .htaccess or create a .htpasswd file - simple create a user and password and LockerPress does the rest.

    WordPress Security - HTTP Authentication

    1 Click Upgrade Plugins are notorious for how easy it is to upgrade them in the backend.

    It's unfortunate when a developer creates a plugin that, in order to upgrade, a user has to download it, upload it to FTP - and all the hassle involved with that process.

    Not LockerPress - nope... we make it easy. You're notified in your Dashboard when an update is available. Simply click the Update link, like other normal plugins, and you're done!

    These 6 features are not the only ones that we have in store for you. Click the image below to View our Full Featured List and order today!

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Customer Testimonials

After being hacked numerous amount of times, I'm "extremely" grateful for your plugin. It may have been the host I was with, but regardless your plugin is so customizable I'm forever grateful.

Jaden U.
(Jewelry Website Owner)

LockerPress been the #1 asset in my Real Estate website. I can't afford to go down, much less be hacked and have my entire website infiltrated.

Nicholas G.
(Orlando Realtor)

Awesome, I have lost too many new clients due to being hacked. This will be one less thing I will have to worry about.

Nick SD

I make it an absolute requirement that all of my client WordPress sites receive a license of LockerPress - where were you guys last year! Thanks so much ;)

Claudia S.
(SEO Guru)

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